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A Code for Living

Orange is the level of honor. What do we mean when we say someone has “honor”? In the ancient days, samurai warriors were considered to have honor because they lived by a code. That code might be to do whatever their lord tells them and if they failed then their code told them to commit suicide. To live by their code meant they had honor and to not live by the rules they believed in would lead them to dishonor.

Everyone has some code for living – whether written or unwritten. That code could be to always tell the truth. It could be living by the 10 commandments. It could be they will never eat meat. It could even be a code of “whatever is best for my family.” Some may have their “code” as “not live by a code” – to do anything they want – but lack of a code is still their code. We call that supreme selfishness or the “Me first” code. Generally we respect those whose codes ask them to live sacrificially and serve others, even at a cost to themselves. Our military has a code for example, “no man left behind,” and often teams will go back risking their lives to recover even their dead. They are showing honor to the troop and to the unit.

We may not agree with everyone’s code. But if they truly believe their code we expect them to live by their own values and rules. That is called integrity. They are true to their beliefs. That is “honor.” If they don’t live by their code, then we call them hypocrites because they dishonor themselves and their values. So that leaves us with two questions. First what is my code for living? What are my true values I believe I should live by? Second, are we living by our code? If we are, then we are living in honor; we are living by our values. Take a moment of personal inventory: what is your living code? And then ask, “Are you doing well living by it?” You will be choosing to live with honor!

August 30, 2017 | Blog Posts | Comments Off on A Code for Living

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