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August 2018 Newsletter

New Blog Post – Have a Good Day One of the key ideas of Shaolin Kung Fu is to live in balance. Balance means not every day will be an easy day. There will be days of loss (losing jobs, friends, a family member) and days of growth (new rank, new ...

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July 2018 Newsletter

New Blog Post - Becoming a Master of What’s Important Mastery is the key word for Black level 4. It is the ranking we often bestow the title Sigung “Master.” The test, as Sigung Melodie just demonstrated, takes 6 days of about 12 hours each day to perform and display all ...

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June 2018 Newsletter

Creating a Warrior of the Soul Creativity is the key word for Black III. All the tools, skills, strategies of the Pai Lum marital arts are now honed internally and externally. Now it is time to experiment, to merge movements and ideas that may have not been thought of before. It ...

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May 2018 Newsletter

It was a dark and stormy night, where’s the captain? People think leaders are “in charge” and “get their way.” But real leadership is steering the wheel of a ship so that it lands at a destination that is good for everyone on the ship. Leadership is a place of serving ...

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April 2018 Newsletter

What Does It Really Mean to Be a Black Belt? Does enlightenment mean one can perceive all the mysteries of the universe? Yes. I mean no. I mean yes there should be a perception of us in the right place in the universe – but there will always remain unfathomable mysteries ...

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March 2018 Newsletter

Wisdom Better than Riches Wisdom is not your mental ability, but your spirit ability to make good choices. You might know everything to know about food and drink and calories and cooking, but it is wisdom to know eat healthy. Read more on Sigung Steve's blog... WARRIOR WEEK - 24 Seminars - ...

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February 2018 Newsletter

7 Times Stabbed, 8 Times Loyal “I am betrayed!” Those words mark unparalleled pain – because we are hurt not only by the injury but even more by the surprise of who hurt us. The injury came from someone we trusted, someone whom we never expected. Read more on Sigung Steve's ...

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January 2018 Newsletter

New Blog Post - I Am Yawn-Worthy; See Me Sigh Did you wake up this morning and say to yourself: "Today I'm going to be mediocre!"? Some may not say those words, but that is there attitude: "Bah! Another day...whatever I do today I'm going to do it half-hearted. I'll pick ...

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December 2017 Newsletter

New Blog Post - Grasshopper, Be Like A Tree The sixth color code is Green: “Persistence.” Like a green plant or tree, one does not visually see them grow from day to day, but over weeks, months and years their continuous, persistent effort to reach the sky is evident. Read more ...

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November 2017 Newsletter

New Blog Post - Love Me, Love Them Not My son Callen is at a great age and place – he says on his own frequently through the day, “I love you Papa!” “I love you Mama!” Now I know he really loves us, but I’m a bit suspicious when he ...

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