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January 2017 Newsletter

New Blog Post: Love. The Greatest Thing. More is said about love, more is written about love, and more is done in the name of love than anything I can think of. Our Pai Lum system has many ways to teach us about love. Read more on Sigung Steve's blog... Dragon Seminars ...

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December 2016 Newsletter

New Blog Post: Evidence of Things Not Seen With this blog I begin talking about the first of the five White Lotus codes – Faith. As sometimes I mention in class, Faith is the first step of a person starting a new adventure in life – such as kung fu. You ...

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November 2016 Newsletter

New Blog Post: The Wheel Keeps Turning! My journey in martial arts is a wheel. Not a tire wheel or a hamster wheel, but a big people wheel. Though I started Judo at age 10, my first class in Pai Lum was around age of 24 back in 1986. Read more... Special ...

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October 2016 Newsletter

New Blog Post: Fear Them or Fight Them Fear them! Fear them! Welcome to one of the main themes of Halloween. Fear. We put on spooky masks of ghosts, zombies and monsters to have some “scares” — but we usually have a pretty fun time at the parties, trick or treating ...

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September 2016 Newsletter

New Blog Post: No Phone Fu You have hear the expression “phoning it in”? It means getting something done with no or little effort. It means just showing up at your job and sitting on your hands the whole day. There is no spirit, no effort, no passion. You have probably ...

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August 2016 Newsletter

New Blog Post: Freedom Forever Part II Last month we looked at freedom from the perspective of nations. But what is liberty for an individual? What is true freedom? The opportunity to select one's preferences is one of the beauties of freedom – and expresses uniqueness and individuality. But freedom misused ...

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July 2016 Newsletter

New Blog Post: The Fight for Freedom This month our country celebrates our independence day. In 1776, we felt oppressed by England because they ruled us from afar and took taxes from our colony. We wanted to be independent and free from taxes, free to determine our own destiny, free to ...

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June 2016 Newsletter

New Blog Post: My Summer Vacations with Kung Fu I started studying Pai Lum Kung Fu in the mid-80's. Once I started learning this art I love, it went with me everywhere. I loved it so I consciously chose to practice in weird and varied places. It went with me ...

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May 2016 Newsletter

Dragon Seminars with Master Champion Jeff Sindy The White Lotus Association is proud to present a world champion competitor and a favorite instructor: Sigung Jeff Sindy on June 9-11, 2016 at our Rising Dragon School. Seminars will include the Tonfa Weapon, Fun Leg/Kicking Take Downs, Tai Chi Two-Man Fight Set, and ...

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April 2016 Newsletter

We are very excited to bring you our 19th annual Rising Dragon Tournament on April 16, 2016 (date tentative). Every first place will receive a beautiful trophy and 2nd and 3rd places will receive medals in each category. This is a family and friendly tournament that provides all students and teachers ...

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