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Your Daily Courage Encouragement

Yellow is the level of courage. In regards to a new student it takes courage to face many challenges of learning material, protocols, student names, disciplines and even push ups. Some quit in the face of these rigors while others muster courage to take on the difficulties, hard work and fear of the unknown and possible failure. What do they find within themselves to master their fears and keep going? Whatever it is, we call it courage. As the White Lotus Code Courage states: “I will stand in the light with all darkness around me.”

So what’s the bravest thing you have ever done? What put you at risk of failure, of losing friends or respect, or even your own life that you chose to do anyway because you believed it was the right thing? What brave thing did you do last week? What brave thing will you do today? Sometimes we think of courage as some super act of heroism. But courage is day to day for all of us.

For some it is courageous to get up today because their body is filled with pain from disease, but they keep going. Some are faced with crushing financial pressure or despair from lack of a job. They are brave to get up and go to work or look for another job when it seems hopeless. Some families are experiencing break ups and relational pain. Yet they get up and do the best thing they still know to love their family members and to try to bring healing. And how hard is it still be loving and nice to those who are hurting us, to still do the right thing when nobody else seems to be and we feel all alone? There are courageous people all around us but we may not see them. Some are in your school, some are members at your home, some are the strangers walking down the street who with courage battle on though we do not see what they struggle against. Each day we will need courage. So again, what brave thing will you do today?

– Sigung Steve Jungmann
Pai Xeung Lum

July 28, 2017 | Blog Posts | Comments Off on Your Daily Courage Encouragement

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