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Honor – Standing with Truth

Our third white lotus code is “Honor. I will stand with the truth and my convictions.” Honor puts the truth ahead of our wants and needs. We cannot lie. We serve the truth. Even what some call “white” lies or “little” lies that we may think are helping people actually dishonors ourselves to serving the truth.

Recently a close friend of mine took a call on our school phone. I heard my friend indicate getting back to the person later, but didn’t take a phone number. I asked, “Why?” and my friend in essence said, “The person indicated they were calling from a mental hospital and sounded impaired so I was just being nice to say I would call back.” I had to ask my friend, “How is it nice that a mentally impaired person is maybe sitting by the phone waiting for a call back?” and “It’s okay to lie if people are mentally handicapped?” Trust is broken if people cannot count on us always telling them the truth. We are not making anyone feel better but ourselves.

It is like the woman who asks her man, “does this dress make me look fat?” If it does, but we say, “No, dear,” to spare her feelings, won’t she just be more hurt and embarrassed later when she finds out by the comments of others. Even if the question is, “do you think I am fat?” A true, honest answer may be “Yes, but I love you anyway.” The truth builds trust and relationships. Honor is always standing with the truth. If people can count on you being a person of integrity this way, they will likely count on you for everything. And you will count on yourself too. And this is honor.

-Sigung Steve Jungmann
Pai Xeung Lum

February 11, 2017 | Blog Posts | Comments Off on Honor – Standing with Truth

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