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Martial Arts – Seeking Peace and Helping All in Need

White lotus code is “Martial Arts: I will be a warrior with compassion, seeking peace and helping all in need”) Lets consider the second half of this code – ‘seeking peace and helping all in need.’ The first half of the code is the warrior’s identity, but this second half is the mission statement of the warrior. Why are we in this world? What is our purpose? How shall I live my life?

Some to choose to live for money, cars, castles, real estate. Things. Accumulating more than anyone else makes them a winner in life. Others choose to live for the pleasures of this world such as drugs, sex, partying and any fun. Feeling Good. Eat, drink and be merry for the only morality is making oneself happy, what else is there in life? However there are those who want to get ahead of others and prove themselves better. They may take up good sounding causes but all to think themselves higher than others. Pride. You may have more than me, you may feel better than me…..but I’m still better than you. So I win life.

The problem with all these world views of living is one thing. Self is first. And if that is our purpose in life, if that is what God created us for then by all means chase the one best for you.

But perhaps we are made for something greater. Something outside of us and this world. What if we are made for something more eternal – a peaceful and loving relationship with the Creator and thereby a relationship with his creation? If this is so, then the warrior’s mission will make a lot of sense. I am here to seek peace and help all those in need. Peace within leads to peace without. I want to share that which gives true meaning and joy – so I help others. Maybe that is life.

June 4, 2017 | Blog Posts | Comments Off on Martial Arts – Seeking Peace and Helping All in Need

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