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No Phone Fu

You have hear the expression “phoning it in”? It means getting something done with no or little effort. It means just showing up at your job and sitting on your hands the whole day. There is no spirit, no effort, no passion. You have probably phoned things in before. I have. Occasionally students “phone in” a class. They show up, but despite a teacher’s encouragement to put their all into the practice they remain apathetic. Sadly they are primary hurting or cheating themselves. What you put into something is what is often returned. We reap what we sow. If we only put in halfhearted efforts, our muscles, our health, our fun and our self-defense will be half of what could be.

If and when someone punches at me in the streets, I can’t phone it in. But if I’m phoning in my practice, that’s all I will have for the real situation. Kung Fu by its very name is anti-phone training. The word literally translates as “hard work.” It is the hard work to perfect something. In the old days student would go practice their wushu (martial arts) in order to perfect them. So they would say, “I’m going to go ‘kung fu’ my ‘wushu.’ “I’m going to give my all to perfect my martial art.” Soon they loosely said, “time to go do some kung fu.” The ‘wushu’ got dropped. Everyone knew what they meant when they went out in the back yard or to the school and said, “time to do some kung fu.” And the word stuck.

It is an attitude; it is the warrior spirit. It is how we may approach all of life – not just martial arts. We can kung fu cooking – making awesome meals. Afterwards we can kung fu our dishes – cleaning them perfectly and putting them away in proper order. We can kung fu our day jobs. We can kung fu our rooms by cleaning them and having everything in its proper place. We can kung fu music, other sports, and pretty much everything in life.

Today and tomorrow and afterwards, put down the phone. It’s time to do some kung fu!

– Sigung Steve Jungmann
Pai Xeung Lum

August 30, 2016 | Blog Posts | Comments Off on No Phone Fu

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