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Respect Them? What If I Hate Them?

Purple is the level of respect. Once one has learned honor (respect for oneself) from the orange level then one can give honor/respect to others from the heart. While the outward discipline and practice can help shape the heart, eventually we want the heart leading the outward behavior.

But at first we may need the outward protocols (breaking, bowing, holding stances quietly and strongly, addressing all by titles, etc.) to help form the warrior spirit, behavior and introduce the benefits of such respect. A disciplined, respectful and quiet class means everyone benefits as more learning can take place. People not breaking but just walking in disrupts the class. Protocols, therefore, are our servants not our masters. We bow to show respect, for example, and the lower we bow the more respect we are showing. And the more we try to give respect the more it grows stronger within us – like exercising a muscle. It is your respect that you are exercising and making stronger by practicing it. Thus our martial art protocols are your servants training you have and give respect.

Respect is important to self-defense because it often prevents conflict – especially when it comes from the heart. In ancient days of China respect was shown between kings by the way the greeted each other or by a tea ceremony. If it was done poorly without care (not from the heart) it could lead to war. On the other hand if proper deference was given to both kings they might choose to become friends and avoid war. Showing kindness and respect even to our enemies can turn them from anger and fighting. I am not saying you need to respect bad behavior on their part or respect something bad they did to you in the past. But why dishonor/disrespect yourself by treating them back in a similar way? Maintain your self-respect by treating them in the way you would want to be treated, even if they disagreed or were hurt by you. Then you will be on the verge of our next code – love. Then you will be truly developing into a warrior with compassion. Oussssh!

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