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February 2016 Newsletter

We are very excited to bring you our 19th annual Rising Dragon Tournament on April 16, 2016 (date tentative). Every first place will receive a beautiful trophy and 2nd and 3rd places will receive medals in each category. This is a family and friendly tournament that provides all students and teachers ...

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Valentines month is here. I remember back in elementary school how important it was to choose your Valentine cards to give to all your classmates. You wanted to give the best ones to those you really liked, and more nondescript wishes to your pals and others. And if you had ...

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January 2016 Newsletter

We at Rising Dragon Martial Arts thank all our teachers, students and parents who made 2015 a banner year of training at our school! Now we usher in the New Year’s wishing everyone the best 2016. We have many things to look forward to at Rising Dragon the ...

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