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Crossing the River

I grew up in Kansas. Yes, it was very flat in much of the state. But the weather is Kansas was never “flat.” You have heard of the Wizard of Oz, yes? I’ve seen at least two tornados “up close” as a boy. Every Spring the sirens would occasionally go off with a tornado warning and my parents would have us hide under my dad’s desk in the basement. The nice thing, however, about the weather in Kansas was that we got four perfect seasons. We had three full months of Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Usually no more and no less. So we had a lot of balance and variety. It was beautiful. Every season was about 10 degrees warmer than here in Milwaukee. I loved the changes and seasons because it kept things interesting…not like 4-6 months of winter we often get here :). Then every day seems the same – cold and blustery or cold and snowy or cold and colder.

Sometimes our martial art training can hit similar doldrums. We could use a change of seasons. But if we hold on through those times, Spring shall surely come. Sigung Jeff reminded me last month while I was visiting him in Florida that we who have been in martial arts a long time sometimes have to “cross the river of boredom.” We find new shores of green when we make it across that river. And there comes wisdom and depth with our art when we make the journey across.

This is true not only of martial arts but whatever activity and ideals you believe in, you may at times need to cross the river of doldrums. But it will be well worth it. You’ll find so much balance, depth, variety and interest again – you’ll think you were in Kansas!

March 7, 2016 | Blog Posts | Comments Off on Crossing the River

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