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It was a dark and stormy night, where’s the captain?

We looked at the key ideals/words for the lower ranks (White-Grey 2). Now let’s look ahead a bit to the higher levels Black 1-Black 9. What happens after one reaches enlightenment of black 1? One is still a student and one still continues to learn. Remember the code “Always learn and improve yourself” is for teachers as much as students. Last month we talked about Black 1, so let’s reflect on Black 2 – Leadership.

People think leaders are “in charge” and “get their way.” But real leadership is steering the wheel of a ship so that it lands at a destination that is good for everyone on the ship. Leadership is a place of serving like every other position on the ship. Leaders must take initiate to see where the land is ahead (good navigation) even prior to it being visible from a telescope. As it says in the Pai Lum warrior creed, “the warrior has the foresight to see beyond the present and into the future.” They have to direct the ship so it avoids storms, shallows and sometimes other ships (pirates).

They want to keep their crew safe. They want to keep their crew fed. Sometimes they have to moderate conflicts between crewmates. They have to keep morale. They want to lead by example the faith and courage needed to brave the weather, to fight off bandits, to discover new destinations.

True leadership is service. It is very hard work. And the reward isn’t being in charge, but seeing your crewmates get to their destinations that fulfill their lives because you were in charge. We all have places in our lives where we have developed enough skills to be leaders. When that is your time, may you be a good captain and may you sail to wondrous new adventures with your crew.

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