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February Newsletter

Welcome, Dragons. Our calendar for February is now available.

Valentine’s Day
The day of “love.” Most people don’t associate love with martial arts, but it is one of our most important codes. Now, usually one thinks of chocolate, roses, kisses, hugs, and wonderful feelings for someone else when we think of love. But while love may at times include feelings, true love is more about the spirit of faith and devotion.

That is why we teach the White Lotus code this way: “Love: I will serve others rather than be served.” Love is putting someone before yourself , for their good above yours. This Valentine’s Day, instead of or in addition to the usual ideas of showing your love for someone, maybe show it through an act of service or doing someone else’s chores. That kind of love lasts forever, doesn’t depend on how you feel, and can be practiced from the heart every day.

Inclement Weather
We are two thirds through winter (yeah!). But there might be some bad cold/snow days ahead. So far we only closed once for severe weather. Our policy is that if MPS is closed, we generally close. But sometimes not! So check our Facebook page or call us those days if you wish to be sure.

Daytona Chinese New Year Celebration
Sigung Steve, Sifu Melodie, Sifu Rob, and his wife will be gone the first four days of February attending the Pai Lum Chinese New Year’s events in Daytona, Florida. Classes will continue to be held by the other teachers at Rising Dragon. Train Hard!

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