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I Am Yawn-Worthy; See Me Sigh

Did you wake up this morning and say to yourself: “Today I’m going to be mediocre!”? Some may not say those words, but that is there attitude: “Bah! Another day…whatever I do today I’m going to do it half-hearted. I’ll pick at my food. I’ll lounge around the house. I’ll only clean half the coffee table; I’ll show up to school late, I’ll answer only two of five phone calls. Maybe I’ll cut a conversation with a friend short. I’ll skip to the end of a movie/book to see the ending. I’m going to do a yawn-worthy job at everything. This is the day I plan – mediocre!”

The opposite: “Today will be the most awesome day! I’m going to eat yum-yum vegetables with gusto! I’m going to do my least favorite chore and do it better than I ever have! I’ll clean the coffee table and also the end table. I’ll get to school early and will make some long needed phone calls to family and friends to show them some love. I will start a new book to read! I will be a warrior at every task and have an adventure with every unexpected event! Today I will live fully!”

The sixth color code in our system is Brown. Brown represents “Proficiency.” This is our word for “expertise,” comprehension,” “maturity” and “perfection.” It means you are not mediocre. If you are proficient in something it means you know it inside and out. You have the right technique, fluidity, power and execution for martial arts on all your material. You do not seek to be a bum in the martial arts but a warrior! So whether it is martial arts or life, all of it starts in your heart and head with this question: “Will you be mediocre today or awesomely proficient?

– Sigung Steve Jungmann
Pai Xeung Lum

January 3, 2018 | Blog Posts | Comments Off on I Am Yawn-Worthy; See Me Sigh

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