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Love. The Greatest Thing.

More is said about love, more is written about love, and more is done in the name of love than anything I can think of. Our movies are frequently love stories. Our music sings about love. People do crazy things in the name of love. People get married for love. People love their pets. People love their pizza. It’s everywhere. People say “love” to almost everything. Love, Love Love! What is it? Is it a hormone, a feeling, a drive, an idea, a goal? Our Pai Lum system has many ways to teach us about love:

In our color rank system we try to build the concept of love in the following way. White is color of faith – the beginning of the journey. Yellow is the color of courage – to continue on when challenges of training or life come. Orange is honor. It is learning to be true to oneself which is a big step to loving oneself…and from there is a step or two to honoring and then loving others…including Purple which is respect. Respecting others basic rights, treating them with dignity even if you disagree, as well as listening to them and showing deference –- especially to the elderly — is a building block to loving others. It is a part of love. Then the next level, blue, is the level of love. After that green is persistence: the ongoing practice of love and these other attributes over and over, more and more. And the higher colors continue to build on these attributes with their ideals. But in many ways it all centers around love.

Our mission statement “I will be a warrior with compassion” includes a place for love through “compassion” even when acting in war or self-defense. Our dragon code states, “my brothers and sisters are my heart and my mind.” This is another way to say love.

And the second of our White Lotus Codes is “Love.” We personalize Love with this code statement: “I will serve others rather than be served.” Now this is a simple but advanced concept. True love is not about feelings – though it may include feelings. Feelings are a nice support, but not necessary. Real love works all the time. Even when feelings maybe opposite one may still choose loving actions or words. Even when people are egging you on to anger – love is not controlled. You can still love, forgive, give. And when we do acts of love, sometimes the good feelings of practicing it come afterwards.

This new year what greater attribute can we seek than to love more and love better? After all, when we get to the end of our lives it will not be the amount of cars, houses, or toys that we accumulated that will matter, but the lives we helped, the people we touched, the world we impacted because we lived a life of love.

Sigung Steve Jungmann
Pai Xeung Lum

January 1, 2017 | Blog Posts | Comments Off on Love. The Greatest Thing.

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