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Making Great Memories

Some folks enter tournaments to win a trophy or a medal. But the best reason is to win a memory for life.

When an adult or youth display courage by stepping into the ring of competition, they are achieving something more valuable internally than they may know. I’m not just talking about the fun you have or the new friends you may make. I’m not talking about learning to risk yourself and your ego which in learning to do so will help you in business, relationships and life. I’m not even talking about learning more about yourself or your art and skills through competition. I simply mean that you are very likely to make a memory that means something – so you keep it.

Let’s face it; a parent may occasionally give their child $20 to see a movie, get popcorn and soda. Is going to a movie something you will remember when you are 30 or 40 years of age? It’s just one more movie among the hundreds you will see. And you just sit there. Nothing too memorable about that. But give that same amount of money for a student to compete in a few events – and that will stand out – likely for the rest of your life.

Those of you who performed an instrument at a recital or competed in a tournament – right now, you can recall that memory and cherish that you did something relevant and meaningful. You were living life, not just observing it. And that alone makes it so worthwhile.

So give yourself and/or your children this lifetime gift. Something they will remember and thank you even years later. Give them a tournament!

March 31, 2016 | Blog Posts | Comments Off on Making Great Memories

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