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May Newsletter

Happy Spring, Dragons! Our calendar for May is now available.

April Recap
tournament-sm Congratulations to all the dragons that competed in last month’s Spring Tournament. We had over 100 competitor entries and had awesome performances and sparring. Also a thanks to Sifu Tim for leading a great tai chi demonstration and World Unity Tai Chi day at Riverside High School.

Also, congrats to those who tested in April — this was one of the best tests we’ve seen in years!  To green little dragon kenpo – Saul F. To green little dragon kung fu – Carlos A. and Miguel M. To purple kenpo – Sophie M. To purple kung fu – Elbert L. To purple little dragon kung fu – Dayanara J. To orange star pee wee kenpo – Juan S. To orange little dragon kung fu – CoHoneste H and Lysette H. To orange pee wee kung fu – Margarito D. Awesome job by all! You made your Sifus proud.

april-test-smMay Events
As we enjoy the Spring heating us up, we are also heating up special training this month focusing on practical weapon defense against staffs, 2 sticks and knives – both training and application in dynamic movement. Juniors and Adults are invited to special training classes on Thursdays at 5:30 all month long.
June Seminars
Sign up now for the June 28 special guest master and first generation student of Grandmaster Pai – Long Shr John Riddick from Daytona Florida.

riddick-smSEMINARS: A Weekend with the Dragon Warrior
Friday & Saturday June 27th and 28th, 2014
at Rising Dragon School 3429 W. Greenfield Ave.

Friday Night:
7:00 Two Person Tai Chi Set $35*
Learn tai chi secrets of movement for amazing internal power and self defense

11:00 Dragon Bite Form (Youth and Adults) $25*
Develop explosive movements of the dragon in this short Pai Lum set
12:00 Taking Your Pai Lum to the Next Level $35*
Discover the secrets of Pai Lum Kung Fu

Special: All Seminars for only $70
*Cost shown with White Lotus Association membership. Non-members cost $45 per seminar, 3 for $120.

Enjoy the Spring and continue training with Ha Na – the spirit of a warrior!
-Sigung Steve Jungmann

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