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Spring Tournament Announcements, May 14th

Dear Students of Rising Dragon,

I am happy to announce two things regarding the upcoming tournament at our school on May 23, 2015.

First we have two other schools bringing students — so we should have some great competition not just among our own students but others. This is a great opportunity to make new friends within the martial art community.

Second we have been given some donations which the school is matching so that if you are having trouble making the entry fee for the tournament, we will be giving 60% discounts for those who ask for it. In other words instead of $25 to enter 1 category and $10 more for each additional category It is only $10 to enter and $5 for each additional category you wish to compete in! Please fill out and give me your application this Saturday or Monday at latest would be helpful for us assigning the different divisions.

Here is the general information about the tournament:

Tournament May 23
Location: Rising Dragon School, 3429 W. Greenfield Ave.
Time: 8a.m. to 12 p.m.
Spectators $5 or 3 for $12 Children under 4 free
Entry Fee: $25 +$10 for each additional category

7:30 Doors Open
8:00 Sigung Demonstration Weapon
8:15 Black Belts Compete
9:00 Forms for all ranks & age
10:00 Sparring for all ages and ranks. Full contact fighting during this time as well.
11:00 Other Divisions such as self defense, crane & horse stance
12:00 Close

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