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July & August 2019 Newsletter

A Week of the White Lotus Join us Saturday June 29th through Wednesday July 3rd to get a chance to see many of our different teachers from the White Lotus Association in action as they lead the class time with unique views on Pai Lum, teaching styles and varying martial arts ...

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May & June 2019 Newsletter

White Lotus Spring Tournament Saturday May 18 at Rising Dragon Martial Arts (3429 W. Greenfield Milwaukee) from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. It’s finally here – our local state tournament among the White Lotus Association schools. This is an open tournament and other schools are welcome too! Categories for completion this year ...

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March & April 2019 Newsletter

Seminar: Be Like Water – and Earth, Metal, Fire, Wind! Learn the virtues of fighting with different elements: water, earth, metal, fire, and wind. Students will leave with a strong introduction to the 5 Elements fighting styles and which may work best for their strategy and defense. Students will also ...

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January & February 2019 Newsletter

Have a Kickin’ New Year with a Free Uniform! Have you been pondering a new you for the new year – healthier, new skills, more confidence and self discipline? We have a special for all joining new students – a free uniform ($60 value) with any signup of 1, 3, 6 ...

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November & December 2018 Newsletter

Rising Dragon Spooktacular! Wednesday October 31 -- Ghost and Shadow techniques, Creepy Games, Haunted Stories, Candy and Costumes. First prize for best costume of each age group: 4:30 4-7 year olds 5:15 8-11 year olds 6:00 12-15 year olds 7:00 Adults (Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Kenpo) Costumes should be martial ...

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September & October 2018 Newsletter

THIS JUST IN - November Demonstration On Friday, November 3rd the school will be performing a demonstration at the Milwaukee Christian Center. Details are coming soon! Silver City International Festival Demonstration Saturday September 8 Noon to 2 p.m. We will be performing on stage for 45 down the street 34th and National at ...

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August 2018 Newsletter

New Blog Post – Have a Good Day One of the key ideas of Shaolin Kung Fu is to live in balance. Balance means not every day will be an easy day. There will be days of loss (losing jobs, friends, a family member) and days of growth (new rank, new ...

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July 2018 Newsletter

New Blog Post - Becoming a Master of What’s Important Mastery is the key word for Black level 4. It is the ranking we often bestow the title Sigung “Master.” The test, as Sigung Melodie just demonstrated, takes 6 days of about 12 hours each day to perform and display all ...

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June 2018 Newsletter

Creating a Warrior of the Soul Creativity is the key word for Black III. All the tools, skills, strategies of the Pai Lum marital arts are now honed internally and externally. Now it is time to experiment, to merge movements and ideas that may have not been thought of before. It ...

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May 2018 Newsletter

It was a dark and stormy night, where’s the captain? People think leaders are “in charge” and “get their way.” But real leadership is steering the wheel of a ship so that it lands at a destination that is good for everyone on the ship. Leadership is a place of serving ...

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