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wla_logo_smThe White Lotus Association is an organization of martial art schools of all disciplines seeking to promote the exchange of knowledge and skills of their arts and to promote the virtues of love, faith, honor and courage within their school. These values establish the ideal of all martial arts: “To be a warrior with compassion, seeking peace and protecting all in need.”

Believing in the strength of diverse training within the martial arts, the White Lotus Association provides opportunity for members to learn from many systems and to achieve higher ranks through learning from other authentic and traditional martial arts schools and systems.

There is also a credible way for black belts of all systems to achieve higher ranks through the White Lotus Association and for all members to substantiate rank. All members also receive a membership patch and certificate as well as discounts on seminars and tournaments by schools in the association.

Rising Dragon Martial Arts is one of the founding members of this organization. See our Affiliate Schools page to view other member schools in the area and across the United States. Please visit the website at to learn more, or visit the Join Us page to sign up now.