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Why Do We Train?

IMG_2128Martial Arts help our spirits be disciplined through codes and physical training…which leads to discipline in all areas of life. It teaches respect — by learning honor (respect for oneself and values) and then giving respect to others. This improves our relationships and our attitude about life. It teaches courage to try new things. It teaches us to love life by putting great value on people. All this improves who we are and gives us focus to achieve more of what we want in life.

For Health

slide-taichiNo sport or recreation actually works in toning all muscle groups like martial arts with all of its unusual, dance-like motions. In addition it provides excellent low to high impact aerobics improving the cardio vascular system and increasing energy. Many studies document the benefits of martial arts on the body — from reducing blood pressure, to alleviating lower back pain, and lowering weight. But martial arts also teach a way of peace that also bring harmony to the mind. Students who take martial arts have a higher sense of well being about themselves than before they trained. Health to the body and the mind!

To Provide Protection

IMG_2154While exercising students are learning an ancient and proven way of self defense. Students gain confidence in not only facing bullies, but being able to handle more of life’s conflicts. They know they have the tools to deal with physical confrontation in a wide variety of means. In today’s world having security brings even more peace of mind, confidence and self-respect.

All the while students are training, learning to protect themselves and improving their lives, they are also having a lot of fun, making new friends, learning new skills and even a new language. The way of martial arts is a way of peace, health and discipline, that is why at Rising Dragon Martial Arts our creed for life is “to be a warrior with compassion, seeking peace and protecting all in need.” To become such a person is indeed a reason to train in martial arts!