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“Kung fu changed my life, because I never knew what honor and our other codes meant…I also never knew how to protect myself or what I was capable of.”

“[At] Rising Dragon Martial arts, they helped me [learn that] in case I get in trouble…that I should do the right thing, just protect myself or just walk away.”

“When I started training Pai Lum…I started changing. I wasn’t responsible, I didn’t want to do my chores and clean my room. I didn’t show much respect to my parents. I didn’t want to go, because I thought they would just show me how to fight. But we talked about bullies, and how we can defend and not just attack. Then one day I started to regret things, by not helping and not being respectful. So I thank my mom for putting me at Rising Dragon Martial Arts, because it changed me.”

“Pai Lum has impacted my life in a major way for the better. As a kid I grew up in one of the toughest neighborhoods of Chicago…I was bullied by classmates and other kids mentally and physically. There were very little outlets to relieve most of the anger and stress. I am forever grateful for this wonderful experience, training and knowledge and being able to be a part of the Pai Lum system. One of the many things I’ve learned on this journey is that being a warrior is not just knowing how to throw a punch — being a true warrior is compassion.”

“It’s good that the school teaches values & explains when the kung fu should be used….I’ve also learned that learning self defense does not only help you, it helps you protect the ones who are in need.”

“Thank you for changing my life [for the] better and making me reach these goals….Thank you for teaching me in kung fu.”

“Every day, I am [more] flexible because of kung fu.”
-Carlos (Age 9)

“Training has become a hobby to me. I remember when I used to just stay home watch TV and be on the laptop, which didn’t make any healthier. After coming here this was my ideal hobby. I had already tried basketball, ballet, photography club, and such but nothing seemed to grab my attention. I thank my dad for finding this place! I am healthier, and my doctor finally told me that I am in good weight. Sometimes when you’re sick, it’s good to be moving and exercising. I’m happy with changes I’ve made. Thank you, Rising Dragon!”

“I am a lot healthier than when I first came. [Training has] taught me to have more discipline. I am very happy that my mom found this place, because I constantly got picked on or bullied…but now I have a lot of friends that help me practice. I am very grateful to be in the dragon family. Thank you for changing my life!”
-Amanda (Age 9)

“Pai Lum has given me many experiences that I couldn’t get anywhere else. I’ve met new friends and am learning how to defend myself. It is great.”

“So far, I’ve lost 15 pounds because of working hard in kung fu. Rising Dragon…makes me feel like it is my second home. After all, in this kwoon [school], we are all family.”

“I love Rising Dragon Martial Arts because it has improved my endurance and fitness.”