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Preparing For Your Test

Prior to testing, you must provide your teacher(s) with the following items:

  • Your notebook, including written descriptions of every form and fist set of each level
  • Your Rising Dragon portfolio completed to level
  • Test payment

Your uniform must include the proper association and school patches for testing.

Eligibility for the next level also requires that you attend a minimum number of training classes prior to requesting testing:

  • Beginner (Yellow, Orange, Purple): 18, 24, 30 minimum classes
  • Intermediate (Blue, Green): 36, 42 minimum classes
  • Advanced (Brown, Gray, Black): 48, 54, 60 minimum classes

Testing includes time of testing, rank certificate, sash, and review of scores after the test. Black level testing is a three day ordeal (approximately 12 hours / day in order to demonstrate and achieve Black level. Those going for Sifu (teacher) credentials will also be tested with written tests on teaching skills and class room management, oral and teaching skills within a class or seminar during the days of testing, as well as being scored over all their material of every level.


Scoring is based on 1) proper execution of techniques, 2) spirit and energy put in a technique, and 3) proper protocols and respect demonstrated as taught within the system. A perfect score in all three levels would result in a 10. A serious failure in any of those areas would result in a 5 and may disqualify the entire test. Most scores will range from:

  • 6 – The student under-performs the technique in two or more of the graded areas.
  • 7 – The student under-performs in one area or makes 2 mistakes in two graded areas.
  • 8 – The student makes a mistakes in one graded area.
  • 9 – The student excels in all three areas, but may have minor standard differential.
  • 10 – The student excels in all three graded areas. The technique is good kung fu.


Level Reviews are ½ the regular testing cost and include the time for testing and scoring over their current level. Students may elect a level review for any test.

Full Reviews are ¾ the regular testing cost and include the time for testing and scoring over every level. Junior and Adult students are required to have full reviews for Brown (Sihing) and Black (Sifu) levels. Students may elect a full review for any level after consultation with their instructors.