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IMG_2190San Shou is Chinese Kickboxing which includes full contact striking, kicking, knees and elbows, take downs, as well as ground fighting from the Gracie Jujitsu system.

Many students take the classes just for the workout without ever fighting in the ring — in order to get in the best shape of their lives!


A student learns proper guards, stances, blocks punches, elbows, knees, kicks and combinations strikes all geared for the ring. Bag training, Hand Mitt training, two person drills and sparring all enhance the students understanding and skill of these strikes.

Take Downs

Known as Swai Jow in our system, this is the art of taking down students from a standing position to the ground. A student learns a series of take downs at each level of training — many including the art of Chin Na (locking).

Ground Fighting

No system is complete without knowledge of ground fighting techniques. In addition to many traditional floor combat techniques from the Pai Lum system, students learn the first 36 ground fighting techniques from the Gracie Jujitsu system.


Four x Four conditioning program for strength and core training as well as Seven Star Iron Body training, stretching, and aerobic conditioning all ensure that our students maximize their health and ability to perform at maximum level. A student will see positive, notable changes in their health within just the first few months. By the end of the program they will be in the best shape of their lives.


All students at our school are trained to be “thinking dragons.” The San Shou student will learn strategies to fight in the ring, proper means of using equipment, fighting theories and more. The educated student will be able to assess and make strategic changes to find the elements of victory — in the fight ring and in the ring of life.

Rank Progression

A student progresses through eight levels of training just like the Kung Fu, Kenpo, and Tai Chi students. Each level increases their skills in all areas and improves on their conditioning. Instead of sashes or belts, students receive a colored star for their san shou shorts. A student who earns a Black Star is ready to go into any mixed martial arts tournament — all of these time tested and proven ring combat techniques have helped many students at Rising Dragon earn gold and silver medals in international, national and state full contact tournaments. Here is the first level of training Yellow Star requirements. Also be sure to check out our video archives for some past fights with Sigung Steve.