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IMG_2069Rising Dragon Martial Arts teaches Pai Lum Kung Fu and White Lotus Kenpo. Both are external arts of self-defense and health. Kung Fu is “long hand” utilizing fluid and circular motions, while Kenpo is “short hand” striking with speed and rhythm. Both systems are devastating on the street and study the nine animals of the Pai Lum system: Tiger, Crane, Leopard, Snake, Dragon, Monkey, Mantis, White Ape and Shark.

Both the Kung Fu and Kenpo programs are broken into five parts of training:


Foundational movements of stances, blocking, punching and kicking. Each level introduces you to four more of each basic (stance, block, punch and kick) advancing the students in terms of strategy, technique and animal aggression.


Traditional Shaolin fighting forms are handed down from teacher to student. These intricate and beautiful forms of dance-like motions retain the skills of authentic combat and self-defense. They also demonstrate the different animal styles both internally and externally providing students with different strategies of defense. Practicing these forms improve one’s creative response in defense while building endurance, toning muscles and providing overall health. Visit our Curriculum page for a more complete list of forms in our Kung Fu and Kenpo programs.


One of the most important and practical parts of training are our fist sets (self defense techniques) and sparring skills. Fist sets are effective preset defense responses against a great variety of punches, kicks, grabs or holds. Visit our Curriculum page to see a list of our self defense techniques by level.

Sparring teaches distance, timing and technique. Rising Dragon teaches many different types of sparring including Chinese wrestling, continuous point fighting, street fighting, full contact fighting, weapon fighting, and ground fighting.


Pai Lum’s weapon diversity and effectiveness are legendary. Rising Dragon teaches scores of beautiful and exotic weapons to master one’s body and provide unique skills for self-defense. Staff, sword, tiger fork, monk spade, ring knives, kwan dao, iron chain, nunchakus and iron fan are just a few weapons a student may learn. Visit our Curriculum page for a more complete list of weapons in our Kung Fu and Kenpo programs.


All training includes the formulas and secrets that make Pai Lum the traditional yet cutting edge martial art. Students will learn Chinese terminology and also memorize the codes of Pai Lum and the school to help refresh and remind the student of internal discipline, respect, and honor that hones the spirit to make one “a warrior with compassion.”