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slide-taichiPai Yang Tai Chi in an “internal” art that teaches Yang Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Yoga, Healing, Self Defense and Meditation. Practicing Tai Chi has been demonstrated to improve overall health, reduce stress, lower back pain, lower weight, lower blood pressure, improve balance, improve energy and also well-being!

What follows are the main aspects to our system of Tai Chi at Rising Dragon:


First students learn Basics of balance structure through proper stances, postures, and floor walking sets. Studies have shown tai chi to improve balance (people fall less) by 48%.


Ancient Temple Exercises create a gentle rhythm for the body to relax and stretch. Yoga postures tone and strengthen the core and other muscle groups.

An important aspect of training are the Kwan Nien Chi Kung and Yang Tai Chi forms. These forms incorporate harmony of body, mind, spirit and breath to improve over-all physical health along with tranquility which reduces stress.

At higher levels students also learn acupressure, chi ball massage and other healing techniques.


Students learn many proper breathing patterns to increase energy. Chi (energy) building exercises along with various types of meditation improve one’s well-being and strengthens one’s mind. Harmonizing body and mind and spirit through these training methods help students overcome the challenges of life.


Weapons help us harmonize with the world outside of us — including others. Learning to perform in concert with something outside of us is a basis for learning the skills to empathize and be at peace with those around us as well. Tai Chi includes many unusual weapons including the gim (double edged sword) and the iron fan. Visit our Curriculum page for a more complete list of forms and weapons in the Pai Yang Tai Chi system.

Self Defense

While Tai Chi is primarily concerned with health and developing internal power and strength, Tai Chi “Chuan” emphasizes what is considered one of the highest defensive arts because of its natural motion and use of “chi.” At Rising Dragon students learn techniques of defense called “posture sequences.” They also study “push hands” learning many techniques to redirect and control another’s energy for self defense.

At higher levels students learn Chin Na (the art of locking and controlling), Dim Shui (pressure points), and Iron Palm training and techniques.


Students will also learn the codes, Chinese terminology, training formulas, tea ceremonies, and vibration chakras of this ancient and beautiful art we call Pai Yang Tai Chi.